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I was too lazy to haul out the rice cooker and this was perfect. The cooker can be controlled right from your phone, so you don’t even have to stay in the kitchen while cooking. It also provides cooking notifications, and stays connected through Bluetooth from up to 30 feet away. Plus, you get access to over 1,000 recipes, so you’ll have inspiration for yummy meals! Amy + Jacky is a husband and wife team who worked directly with Instant Pot company, pressure cooker manufacturers, and 35+ restaurants.

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The first thing you notice about the Cuckoo is its sleek shape and pretty pink and white design, but more importantly, it delivers a high-quality cooking performance and offers you a lot of versatility. Why cook rice in a pot on the stove when you can utilize the high-tech benefits of MICOM Technology? Let the Zojirushi do all of the hard work so that you can relax and enjoy flawless rice dishes. With massive leaps in technology, cooking appliances are constantly being revamped with the latest high-tech gadgetry. Like the Smart Syncro-cooking technology that the Tiger Rice Cooker uses, which allows you to make two meals at the same time, while also making sure that both meals are cooked to perfection.

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We love the big LCD screen, simple programming, and ease of use. For those looking to buy a rice cooker, the best advice is to purchase one with different settings. This will allow you to cook white, brown, or jasmine rice on your own terms and preferences.

You don’t want to erupt a delightful camping night suddenly by the swooshing and clicking sound of a washing machine, do you? Well, try out the Combo Washer Dryer from Equator to experience peaceful cleanings. Are you looking for a semi-auto washing machine that can fit into your apartment, RV, or dorm at ease?

  • Compatible with the AT&T cordless headset, there are a few different ways to personalize this unit and still achieve great audio quality.
  • It can cook various dishes through its various customized options.
  • The keys however are not, which is a major downside for dialing at night.

There are different sizes that can be found with each one made for different amounts of rice cups which can be cooked at a time. So, do see some rice cups that your family eats at a time and also consider how frequent will you be going to cook the rice. However, it also shows the combo of best heating technologies.

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There are a few drawbacks to the Whirlpool WFC8090GX, though. The washer dryer combo has an unimpressive warranty and users have reported wash times of up to six hours! Of course, there are also many happy users of the Whirlpool WFC8090GX, but this is worth taking into account when the machine is only covered by a one year warranty. Another handy feature is a sensor that detects exactly how much water you need to run your wash, which is bound to save you time and money. The LG WM3499HVA is a smart-enabled washer dryer, which means you can set it to begin a wash with just one simple command, if you connect it to your home’s smart speaker.

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But we’ve heard about this happening to a few people, and it happened to us in our testing too. Just a theory, but this washer might be more sensitive than most to detergent overdoses. We haven’t seen this complaint yet about the WM4000H, but we’ll keep an eye out for it.

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